Thursday, February 10, 2011

Twin Rivers February 10, 2010

I went to Twin Rivers today to meet with Massey and Jason Harvey about the clearing on the bottom land. Unfortunately Jason was called away to clear snow at Wintergreen. I had hoped to stop in to see Jesse McCarthy today but she was going to Charlottesville for an appointment.

Massey and I drove around the bottom and worked on what to clear. We are going to take out all or most of the wild cherry trees since they are not good for livestock and try to save a few walnuts, sycamores, box elders etc. Massey said he had talked to Carrol Napier and he was pretty interested in putting the bottom fields back into hay. We let the bottom get totally overgrown and now is a good time to put it back together. We have a burn pile from the road and it makes sense to throw some more scrub from the bottom field into the pile.

Massey is going to have Jason knock down the old tenant house. We had discussed hauling it to Massey's to burn but today we talked about burning it in place.
Its really caving in and the floors and roof are gone. It never had indoor plumbing. Obviously it was lived in. Most recently the hunters have used it as a hunt stand. I am sure this is not safe and am a bit worried that the house is in such bad shape someone will get hurt in ti if we don't go ahead and take it down. That said I did walk through it today. Massey told me to go slow and stay near the walls. I was looking for treasure. I found a piece of caste iron something that can be our "treasure" from the house. 

I really did not find anything else to rescue. I do wish I had taken photos of the inside of the house. I was more concerned with not falling through the holes in the floor or walking under the leaks. I did not see anything to salvage.

Pat Fincham installed a post for temporary electricity. Unfortunately he took the supports off the scaffolding to do it so I did not climb up the scaffolding. I suspect we will end up moving both the temporary and permanent power sites.

It was another clear beautiful day at Twin Rivers. There was a dusting of snow in the shadows but it melted pretty quickly everywhere else. Smithfield and I ate lunch in the ceders behind the house site. I was thinking it might be interesting to explore for a cabin site and then realized if I left I could go by Horse and Buggy and get some fresh produce. Love Twin Rivers.


  1. you definitely found treasure! I'd be too scared to take too many pics also haha. did you get good stuff from h&b??

  2. that is a most interesting treasure!

  3. Any idea what the "treasure" might be??? Kathie know about such things???

    Lots of root vegs and fresh eggs and frozen blackberries at h&b... really liked it.

  4. Kathie is going to look at it, but maybe you can send the picture or a link to Williamsburg. It zooms in really well.