Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cat in the Bag

Once there was a cat named Aiden. He lives in a box on the island in the kitchen.

Sometimes he visits other boxes. He likes them best if they are in sunbeams.

He's a pretty laid back creature. He likes to nap and purr.

 Sometimes his friend the dog stops by for a visit. What a good dog.

The cat likes to eat. He likes people food the best.

At least he is a clean can and always washes up after eating. 

Sometime he visits bags. He likes them when they are empty the most.

But he has to look all around the bag to be sure its empty. 

After many adventures he always comes home to his box for one more bath.

And a nap.

The end


  1. Hahahha this is amazing!!!!!! What a good cat... i miss him so much!!! And i LOVE your photos and stories =)

  2. I need a ghost and an editor.... but having fun. thinking of you when I write these.