Monday, February 14, 2011

Twin Rivers Design Meeting February 11, 2011

Kevin and I met on Friday, February 11, 2011.

It is tremendously fun working with Kevin on the design. He can put images into a three dimensional space and rotate the structure, add and take off the roof, and redo the drawings in a matter of minutes. Evey time I go to Dreaming Creek we spend hours looking at the drawings, making changes and seeing different aspects of the space. I love being able to try out ideas and see what they look like without spending lots of time redoing drawings and losing original versions. Kevin is a master of the software and very patient as we go through alternatives. He has great ideas and a great sense of space.
This is a view of the floor plan that I can follow.

This is Kevin. He is comfortable looking at the building in 3D.

I think it was a sort of one step forward two step back kind of Friday. I thought we had it done but then I was able to visualize the roof more clearly. Currently we have some "non-structural" or decorative timber frame spaces. I really want the timber frame to be working everywhere we use it. We also have some double roofing or false ceilings.

I want the structure exposed not a false frame. It turns out to be a relatively easy change in the kitchen wing and a bit bigger change in the bedroom wing.

We need to revise the bedroom wing. The kitchen wing works out well with minor changes but we need to rethink the bedroom wing a bit more.

Not discouraged. Just thinking we need another version to take to pricing for the timber frame. I had hoped we were there with this version. The next version of the plans are going to be early pricing for Dreaming Creek. It will be the set of concept plans that bring us to entering into a timber frame contract. We need to be pretty confident we are happy with the program. We can change the details but the overall framework is going to be set.

The major change is to eliminate the hexagonal timber framing over the dining room and the den. While this concept was really exciting and beautiful, it had to become decorative timber framing to get the roof to work out without lots of valleys. We will let the dining room be open to a bigger timber frame. I'm not sure what Kevin's solution to the bedroom wing will be. I did a sketch and called him today (Monday, February 14, 2011, Happy Valentines Day) and tried to describe what I was thinking. The image below shows the plans at end of day Friday with my sketching.

The bedroom wing is on the right on the left side images and on the right in the right side images.

Adjustments to the bedroom wing

Detail adjustments to the bedroom wing.
My sketches are incomplete and I did not give him the actual sketches just a verbal description of them. He will get me another set of drawings this afternoon and call when he emails the PDFs. I wish I could be watching him. Next generation of the software, I want to be able to link to his desk top and see his thinking.

So now I wait and look forward to the next version of the drawings.

Upcoming events:

I hope to go to Twin Rivers on Wednesday to see the well drilling and maybe do an aquifer pump test to prove the well. I expect to meet with Massey and Jason to review the clearing of the bottom, check on the burn and see if they were able to fix the outfall of the dam. I hope to get billing straight with Jason. He owes us an invoice for materials for the roadway. Probably should follow up with Pat Fincham. Wonder if its too soon to start thinking about subs. Want to make sure Pierce has a role in the project. Need to schedule a visit to the bobcat distributor. Pierce thinks a bobcat will be our best way to get a bush hog Jerry and I can operate and will be useful during construction. Need to limit use to Pierce so it does not get trashed during construction. More to do. Really need to site and design the garage. I want to focus on the main structure first. This is all very exciting!


  1. This is so exciting!!!! I love getting to see the 3d versions... oh my gosh. So cool!!

    Have I mentioned I'm in love with it?

  2. It is amazing. Glad you are on board with it!!!

  3. Looks like you are having some fun with just the right touch of challenge! I can see you all having even more fun once it is all set!