Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cat in the Box Part 2

There is a cat who lives in a box. He has his favorite box. He rules over the kitchen Island from his  favorite box.

Occasionally he likes the box on the floor. He likes this box best if it has a sweaty yoga mat in it. He tests the mat for doneness. He likes this box because its in a sunbeam and he can watch the birds. He thinks we feed the birds for his sole entertainment. He really wants to go play with the birds.

The other day he tried a fresh diet ginger ale box but it was too small and stiff.

He did find a way to make it more comfy.

We bought him a special wooden box. He dutifully tried it out.

But it was just not as comfy as his favorite box. 
Where he sleeps most of the day. He has discovered a something new. Instead of just sitting on the newspaper he grabs a pair of glasses and starts checking out the headlines.

But after a short while he rests his eyes.

And before too long his is napping again.


We Have Water! February 17, 2011

Kaycee Smith of KRS Excavating and Well Drilling drilled our well at Twin Rivers. He started on February 16 and finished Thursday, February 17. I was on site the final day to take some photos and see the water. He drilled with a top drive air rotary drill rig using a down hole hammer and  button bits. Pat Fincham met us at the site and Adam Beifield drove with me. (Thanks for coming Adam!)

He had used a cherry branch to locate water. After he finished drilling I asked him to show me his cherry branch and show me how to use it. I have lots of confidence in others being successful using the douser and I think I probably could get the hang of it because I can often feel it when they set up my hands correctly. I know it works. I have seen it work. But I don't understand why it works. I think I am too much of a scientist to pursue it myself.

Based on what Kaycee told me, he hit red-brown silt to about 12 feet and then a granitic weathered rock. He indicated micacious. He used a 10 inch button bit until he hit "rock" at 58 feet. the first two feet of rock was "shaley" or a bit weathered and then he was in dense rock the rest of the way. I was able to capture small fragments of the rock. It was black with some salt sized quartz crystals. Kaycee called it granite.

He reduced down to a 6 inch button bit.  He set 6-1/4 ID casing to a depth of about 58 feet and grouted it in place at end of day, February 16. He hit first water at about 90 to 92 feet, then more at 175 feet and more at 190 feet. On February 16 his largest flow was about 6 to 7 gpm. He sealed the upper 20 feet of surface casing with a bentonite surface seal. I arrived on site shortly after 11 am on Thursday, February 17. The well was flowing continuously with Drilling at about 6 gpm and they were at about 258 feet. I asked him to keep drilling to 300 feet so we had ample storage. The deaper we got the more intermittant the water seamed. Kaycee indicated it was harder for the air to lift the water and he was getting lots of loss thru the drill rods. We saw water fluctuate from 5 seconds per gallon (12 gallons per minute) to 11 seconds per gallon (5 gallons per minute).

We finished drilling at about 1:30 and Kaycee kept pumping water thru the drill rods of another hour or so until it was running pretty clean. I asked him to run the tools up and down the hole to develop it a bit. At about 1:45 he was filling the gallon container in about 4 to 6 seconds (10 to 15 gallons per minute). By 3:35 he had finished pulling his tool out of the well and based on timing a pebble dropped into the well He said he thought water level was somewhere around 120 feet down. He had me put my ear on the well and I could definitely hear water running into the well.

Kaycee and I looked throught he pump manual while the guys were pulling the drill tools out of the hole. WE found and the following ITT Goulds Pumps:

7G07 - 0.75 hp pump
7G10 - 1.0 hp pump
10 GS - 2.0 hp pump

I'm sure we want to use a 1 1/4 riser pipe and plumb with 1 1/4 inch ID 160 psi polyethylene pipe. We talked about storage and most residential systems are designed to run at 40 to 60 psi. Water goes into storage when the pressuere gets below 40 psi and stops when the pressure gets above 60 psi. We talked about three phase pumps versus single phase pumps and the advantage of the softer start on the three phase pumps.

We talked about storage. Kaycee thinks we need less storage if we go to a three phase variable speed pump. He suggested 20 gallons of above ground storage. We are also looking at 100 gallons of storage. Jerry likes more storage. We alreadt have 1.5 gallons per foot of storage in the well. We don't know what the static water level in the well is but I assume since we hit water at about 90 feet it should be above 100 and so we could have 180 feet of storage or 270 gallons in the well.

We talked about the Square D lightning protector.

We are considering putting the water storage and treatment in the basement. We need to site the cabins and figure out how to get water to them. The well is higher than the cabins so we should have no problem with pressure unless its too much pressure. If so it should be fairly easy to put in pressure reducers. We need to figure out how to plumb the well. I had assumed we had a manifold system in the garage that controlled the water to the house and cabins. There might be alternatives we can consider. in the basement.

Kaycee will get us pricing on a couple of alternative on pumps and storage. He usually plumbs the system from the well to storage and then we have a plumber plumb the system from storage to distribution.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Twin Rivers Design, February 12, 2011

Kevin reworked the floor plan to reflect some of the changes to the roof and timber framing. I am not 100% clear how this version of the plan works. I think I like the changes to the dining room Kitchen area. I can't wait to see the rest of the drawings.

Preliminary Plans, February 14, 2011
These plans do not show the outline of the porches etc. I can't wait to see how the roof looks and to see a three dimensional view of the structure. Very exciting.


No not a cat a Bobcat. Instead of a tractor. The goal is to be able to bush hog trails and have a utility truck.  This has a 6-feet long dump bed on the back. And it seats two in the cab. Both front and back axles can be used for steering so it has a great turning radius.

This one is used and seems like a reasonable place to start on the farm equipment for Twin Rivers. Not cheap even used. I'm seriously considering getting this with the bush hog attachment, a power rake attachment and a bucket. Also this is a utility vehicle on steroids. Pierce says it will be easier for us to use than a tractor because we can see where we are going when we are bush hogging.

It really is easy to drive

Also I have seen how to put the backhoe on and the bucket attachment and was able to do it mostly myself the first try. This bush hog is 66-inches wide. The one they recommend for this Bobcat is 60-inches wide. Pierce says if we can push it over with the bush hog we can cut it. Its actually pretty easy to use.

The enclosed cab has heat and air conditioning. Jerry can run it without getting poison ivy, setting off his allergies and eating too much dust. Pierce talks about the enclosed body really helping out with the ground hornets etc.

They make hundreds of attachments for these things including post hole diggers, snow removal equipment, sod rollers. I think we will probably start with two or three attachments and plan on renting others as we need them.

Power rake for the Bobcat

I can see using the power rake to level a spot out for a picnic and to smooth ruts on the dirt roads and trails.

Pierce is going to try to see if we can "rent" for the weekend to give it a try at Spring Valley. I hope to be able to test it out in the field behind the lake at Spring Valley and see how it does on the field on the other side of the track. If we are comfortable with it at Spring Valley then we could take it out to Twin Rivers and try it there. The ultimate goal would be to own it after we are convinced we can operate it.

Twin Rivers Design Meeting February 11, 2011

Kevin and I met on Friday, February 11, 2011.

It is tremendously fun working with Kevin on the design. He can put images into a three dimensional space and rotate the structure, add and take off the roof, and redo the drawings in a matter of minutes. Evey time I go to Dreaming Creek we spend hours looking at the drawings, making changes and seeing different aspects of the space. I love being able to try out ideas and see what they look like without spending lots of time redoing drawings and losing original versions. Kevin is a master of the software and very patient as we go through alternatives. He has great ideas and a great sense of space.
This is a view of the floor plan that I can follow.

This is Kevin. He is comfortable looking at the building in 3D.

I think it was a sort of one step forward two step back kind of Friday. I thought we had it done but then I was able to visualize the roof more clearly. Currently we have some "non-structural" or decorative timber frame spaces. I really want the timber frame to be working everywhere we use it. We also have some double roofing or false ceilings.

I want the structure exposed not a false frame. It turns out to be a relatively easy change in the kitchen wing and a bit bigger change in the bedroom wing.

We need to revise the bedroom wing. The kitchen wing works out well with minor changes but we need to rethink the bedroom wing a bit more.

Not discouraged. Just thinking we need another version to take to pricing for the timber frame. I had hoped we were there with this version. The next version of the plans are going to be early pricing for Dreaming Creek. It will be the set of concept plans that bring us to entering into a timber frame contract. We need to be pretty confident we are happy with the program. We can change the details but the overall framework is going to be set.

The major change is to eliminate the hexagonal timber framing over the dining room and the den. While this concept was really exciting and beautiful, it had to become decorative timber framing to get the roof to work out without lots of valleys. We will let the dining room be open to a bigger timber frame. I'm not sure what Kevin's solution to the bedroom wing will be. I did a sketch and called him today (Monday, February 14, 2011, Happy Valentines Day) and tried to describe what I was thinking. The image below shows the plans at end of day Friday with my sketching.

The bedroom wing is on the right on the left side images and on the right in the right side images.

Adjustments to the bedroom wing

Detail adjustments to the bedroom wing.
My sketches are incomplete and I did not give him the actual sketches just a verbal description of them. He will get me another set of drawings this afternoon and call when he emails the PDFs. I wish I could be watching him. Next generation of the software, I want to be able to link to his desk top and see his thinking.

So now I wait and look forward to the next version of the drawings.

Upcoming events:

I hope to go to Twin Rivers on Wednesday to see the well drilling and maybe do an aquifer pump test to prove the well. I expect to meet with Massey and Jason to review the clearing of the bottom, check on the burn and see if they were able to fix the outfall of the dam. I hope to get billing straight with Jason. He owes us an invoice for materials for the roadway. Probably should follow up with Pat Fincham. Wonder if its too soon to start thinking about subs. Want to make sure Pierce has a role in the project. Need to schedule a visit to the bobcat distributor. Pierce thinks a bobcat will be our best way to get a bush hog Jerry and I can operate and will be useful during construction. Need to limit use to Pierce so it does not get trashed during construction. More to do. Really need to site and design the garage. I want to focus on the main structure first. This is all very exciting!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nap TiMe

There was a house a napping house where everyone was sleeping... As told by dog and cat.....

We found the perfect sunbeam for an afternoon nap!

Then the cat put his tail in my face.

Yea, well the dog fell asleep on my legs.

I pushed him out of the way and he went back to sleep.

In a napping house.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cat in the Bag

Once there was a cat named Aiden. He lives in a box on the island in the kitchen.

Sometimes he visits other boxes. He likes them best if they are in sunbeams.

He's a pretty laid back creature. He likes to nap and purr.

 Sometimes his friend the dog stops by for a visit. What a good dog.

The cat likes to eat. He likes people food the best.

At least he is a clean can and always washes up after eating. 

Sometime he visits bags. He likes them when they are empty the most.

But he has to look all around the bag to be sure its empty. 

After many adventures he always comes home to his box for one more bath.

And a nap.

The end