Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cat in the Box Part 2

There is a cat who lives in a box. He has his favorite box. He rules over the kitchen Island from his  favorite box.

Occasionally he likes the box on the floor. He likes this box best if it has a sweaty yoga mat in it. He tests the mat for doneness. He likes this box because its in a sunbeam and he can watch the birds. He thinks we feed the birds for his sole entertainment. He really wants to go play with the birds.

The other day he tried a fresh diet ginger ale box but it was too small and stiff.

He did find a way to make it more comfy.

We bought him a special wooden box. He dutifully tried it out.

But it was just not as comfy as his favorite box. 
Where he sleeps most of the day. He has discovered a something new. Instead of just sitting on the newspaper he grabs a pair of glasses and starts checking out the headlines.

But after a short while he rests his eyes.

And before too long his is napping again.


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  1. love love love the cat!!! and the lovely amazing person taking all the pictures =D