Monday, February 14, 2011


No not a cat a Bobcat. Instead of a tractor. The goal is to be able to bush hog trails and have a utility truck.  This has a 6-feet long dump bed on the back. And it seats two in the cab. Both front and back axles can be used for steering so it has a great turning radius.

This one is used and seems like a reasonable place to start on the farm equipment for Twin Rivers. Not cheap even used. I'm seriously considering getting this with the bush hog attachment, a power rake attachment and a bucket. Also this is a utility vehicle on steroids. Pierce says it will be easier for us to use than a tractor because we can see where we are going when we are bush hogging.

It really is easy to drive

Also I have seen how to put the backhoe on and the bucket attachment and was able to do it mostly myself the first try. This bush hog is 66-inches wide. The one they recommend for this Bobcat is 60-inches wide. Pierce says if we can push it over with the bush hog we can cut it. Its actually pretty easy to use.

The enclosed cab has heat and air conditioning. Jerry can run it without getting poison ivy, setting off his allergies and eating too much dust. Pierce talks about the enclosed body really helping out with the ground hornets etc.

They make hundreds of attachments for these things including post hole diggers, snow removal equipment, sod rollers. I think we will probably start with two or three attachments and plan on renting others as we need them.

Power rake for the Bobcat

I can see using the power rake to level a spot out for a picnic and to smooth ruts on the dirt roads and trails.

Pierce is going to try to see if we can "rent" for the weekend to give it a try at Spring Valley. I hope to be able to test it out in the field behind the lake at Spring Valley and see how it does on the field on the other side of the track. If we are comfortable with it at Spring Valley then we could take it out to Twin Rivers and try it there. The ultimate goal would be to own it after we are convinced we can operate it.

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