Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fiona at Sunset

Jerry smoked fish tonight at Spring Valley. I walked around the farm and took some photos of Fiona at sunset while he was smoking fish.

The fog was totally dynamic. You could see it roll down the hills and fill up the valleys. Not sure where it was coming from but it was easy to see it was moving.

I really like the two horses in the background. I almost did not see them in the fog.  The blur on the horses comes from their munching. They are not really ever totally still and I balanced the camera on the fence post since I did not think I would want the tripod. The horse kept chewing and grabbing another mouthful of grass. It rained a bit earlier today so the ground is a little moister than it has been. I don't think we got enough rain to really make a difference but still happy for whatever rain we are getting since it has been so dry.

Fiona and Apple share a field. They seemed totally happy to spend the evening outside quietly chomping grass. Its finally getting cooler. Its in the low 60s very nice jacket weather.

By the way the smoked salmon was really good tonight. I like it best when its still warm from the grill.

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