Thursday, October 14, 2010

BaD KiTtY!!!!

Dear Sara and Brian,

Your cat is a BaD KiTtY!!! He gives us no respect! He acts like he owns the place and we are there to serve him. He's turning into quite the regal fellow. Nothing is sacred. He has totally taken over.

Sure he smiles and purrs and pretends to make nice. He does not have me fooled for a second because I know what he does when I turn my back.

(And actually I didn't even turn my back. In fact I had time to get the camera out and turn the flash on and he just sighed and kept on. I should say this is what he does when we are looking. I wonder what he does when we turn our backs!)

But that's not all.. No, that's not all. He actually had the gall to TAKE A BATH in the water. He stuck a paw in and licked the water off his paw. (I could not figure out how to get a photo of that.)

See what I mean. This morning it was my silk. I drank a glass of silk before going to yoga and left the almost empty glass on the island. He had his head buried in it before I knew what was happening. I had words with him about who's drink it was and reminded him he had food and drink of his own. I tried to suggest that since we never ate his food he should offer us the same respect. This evening he beat me to it. I asked Dad to get me a glass of water and before I could pick it up Aden was having his way with it...

and does he look repentant??? I don't think so.

Can't imaging why you could possibly miss the bad cat. He says he missed you too and sends his love. We send our love too. Be safe.


Mom and Dad

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  1. This is the best blog entry ever!!! Miss the kitty so so much.