Monday, January 24, 2011

Cat in a Box


Aiden is a cat. He lives in a napping box. He naps and naps and naps. He dreams about people over a big ocean. He wonders how many fish there are between them. He dreams about his weekend pillow person. He wonders how many birds are between them. When his people are gone he naps and naps and naps.

Sometimes he surveys his world ready to POUNCE on any invaders.

But invaders are rare so mostly he naps and waits. Nobody can see him in the napping box. He is warm and cozy and safe.

Occasionally he gives those people the evil eye and checks on what they are doing. Are they eating anything good? Do I need to show them how to read the newspaper? Why are they making all that noise in my bedroom? Can't they see I'm napping?

But mostly he naps in the napping box. 

Sometimes he dreams about his special blue box. First they brought him a big tree to hide in and hung toys on it for him to play with. They offered him many multicolored boxes to open. 

Then they gave him a big blue box! He must have been a very good boy indeed! 

He wonders why they took away his tree and toys and big blue box.  He dreams about the fun he had playing with the toys and his nest under the tree and the big blue box. Sometimes he dreams of other boxes from long ago.

Mostly he naps in his napping box.

Sometimes he is curious about what those people are doing and looks around.


But mostly he likes to snuggle in his napping box and dream.

The End

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