Sunday, September 19, 2010

Terri's World

Kathie Cassidy and Terri Burchfield in Boston.

We know who rules this roost and it ain't Terri OR Kathie!

Terri and Kathie's wonderful home in Lunenburg, Massachusetts. A wonderful older home with a great feel.  Lots of space for visitors and loving hosts. The basement is worth the visit. an old stone basement.

This has got to be one of the biggest hornets nests I have
ever seen.  It was growing in the big tree in Terri and 
Kathie's front yard. Yes, right next to their front door.
Wonder if the ever see hornets?

Did I mention the food... steamers, lobsters, fish, tomato pie, corn bread, carrot cake

Jerry and I posed decorously for Terri
Its an apple orchard guys.... I'm sure there are more apples. But they do share nicely.
There were lots and lots of apples. Three or four varieties. Grapes were relatively scarce which is odd since this was a vineyard.
Pam and Kathie
And the view of the church in the hills.
Jerry did find some grapes.

Terri had the most beautiful hornets nest!


  1. great pictures! can't quite see the hornet's nest from this one :)

  2. I have more photos to add... grin.

  3. These pictures are beautiful!! Haha, I love that there are more apples in the orchard than just that one... The trip looks like it was so much fun!

  4. There were lots more apples than grapes... Its really an orchard. Lots of their wines were fruit based.